Monday, April 16, 2007

Make a list of 100 questions

One of my favorite books on creative thinking is How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, by Michael Gelb.

It suggests making a list of 100 questions.

About business. About life. About anything!

(According to Gelb, the best questions will come towards the end.)

It sounded liked a neat exercise. So I tried it a few weeks ago. And I came up with a few good ones:

#45: Do I handle stress better than I used to?
#47: If you showed my weekly planner to 10 strangers, what would they say?
#48: If you showed my office to 10 strangers, what would they think?
#49: If you showed my wallet to 10 strangers, what would they say?
#50: If you showed my website to a five year old, what would he think?
#51: If you read my new book to a teenager, what would they think?
#52: What if I didn’t talk for one week?
#64: What if the nametag thing gets old?
#66: What if my (future) son gets beat up because his Daddy is the guy who wears a nametag?
#71: Will I ever sell out?
#74: Do I take enough time off?
#91: Does everyone have a moment when they say, “I’ve made it”?
#93: Whom have I let down lately?
#94: When was the last time I told someone I was proud of them?
#97: What’s the highest price I’m willing to pay?
#99: What’s the lowest I’m willing to sink?

Ever thought about making a list of 100 questions?

Do this exercise and report back with your best ones!

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