Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Buy Gitomer's Little Green Book and Get The Nametag Guy's New Ebook

Gitomer's back!

His new book, The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way hits the stores today!

I've already read it, and it ROCKS.

A few excerpts I liked:

*Being a person of influence means that you have a reputation, character, credibility and stature enough that people will take your message seriously.

*Practice with passion. If you don’t love what you do, practicing will be a chore. If you love it, practicing won’t just be fun – it will be something you look forward to.

*Writing becomes persuasive when others are willing to act on, or coment on, what you’ve written.

*Allow the other person to feel a valid reason for your persistence. If they do, they will embrace you rather than avoid you.

The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way is the newest addition to Jeffrey’s best selling Little Book Series, and gives you the critical tools you need to speak, write, present, persuade, influence, and sell your point of view to others.


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