Thursday, March 01, 2007

Play with people who are better than you

What do Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, Hollywood Hunk Paul Walker and Golf legend Tiger Woods all have in common?

They’ve all done interviews claiming that success is a function of “playing with people who are better than you.”

In music.
In sports.
In business.
In life.

You need to play with people who are better than you.

For five reasons:

1. Learning. It’s the best way to learn, to walk with the wise. To surround yourself with people whose skills and knowledge put you to shame. Merely being in their presence will rub off.

2. Accountability. Your performance won’t improve when you compete with people who suck. Don’t be afraid to be the worst one there. Never challenged = never growing.

3. Inspiration. Not to be like them. But to become a better version of yourself because of them. Plus, as you get better, you will make them proud!

4. Intimidation. It’s good for the soul. To make your nerves dance. Like David Gilmour said: “You have to put yourself in an environment where you get your ass kicked.”

5. Humility. Because you’re still learning. Because you’ve still got a long way to go. Because you can still get better.

Play with people who are better than you.

(This post dedicated to Karen Salmonsohn, a writer who is better than me.)

How often are you playing with people who are better than you?

List three people who are better than you and what you learned from them!

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