Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Taple Topics: How to Get Everyone Talking!

Toastmasters, meet Uncommon Goods.

They believe that creativity and the expression of individuality represent two great human treasures. They recognize that people want ways to express their individuality and creativity when shopping for themselves and others.

Which is why they sell cool stuff like this...

Table Topics boxes are clear acrylic "ice cubes" that hold a stack of 138 conversation starters that will get your guests thinking and eager to talk.

They were created by Cristy Clarke who wanted to have genuine, compelling conversations at her cocktail parties. These colorful cubes let you snappily circulate the question at hand in the cube or pass cards out individually. Every box is peppered with questions ranging from the serious to the silly, for friends, families and teens.

Awesome. I might buy a set. Thanks to Head Shark for the link.

What's your favorite get-together game?

Next time you have a party or host a networking event, provide nametags for everyone. Then, encourage guests to also write their favorite cereal, book or biggest business challenge underneath their name. Undoubtly, networking and conversation will blossom! Take pictures, write down the stories and email them to me. I'll post them on the blog.

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