Monday, December 05, 2005

Every word is a seed that scatters

The latest word of mouth marketing book, Grapevine, by Dave Balter & John Butman, has some awesome stuff. Check it out:

"Everybody talks about products and services, and they talk about them all the time. Word of mouth is NOT about identifying a small subgroup of highly influential or well-connected people to talk up a product or service. It's not about mavens or bees or celebrities or people with specialist knowledge. It's about everybody."

"80 percent of word of mouth marketing happens real time; real people talking to each other in the real word."

"People are always influenced more by other people than they are by everything else."

That first excerpt struck a chord with me: it's about everybody.

I love that part.

It reminds me of a song lyric by one of my heroes, Glen Phillips:

"There is nothing that doesn't matter. Every word is a seed that scatters. Everything matters."


What's your best word of mouth marketing secret?

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Scott Ginsberg
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