Thursday, September 08, 2005

Survey results reveal the most important word in marketing

Last Wednesday's post asked a challenging question:

"What's the most important word in marketing?"

The response from the blogosphere was overwhelming! Ideas poured in from authors, consultants, marketing experts and small business owners from around the world. Selected words ranged from the emotionally charged to the pragmatic; from the right brain to the left brain and from the customer focused to the company focus.

It generated so much buzz that WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) even posted a link to the original post, along with a similar question of its own.

AND NOW...for your reading pleasure, I have compiled the data from this popular survey into a comprehensive article called What's The Most Important Word In Marketing?

So read it, enjoy it, and email it to anyone who works in marketing.

They need to hear this.


What's the most challenging question you could ask yourself or your company?

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Scott Ginsberg
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