Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What's you favorite conversation starter?

My friend Jules, from a company called Michigan Works, told me about her best conversation starter:

"What is the best dish you cook?"

According to Jules, this question started out as a fun, simple ice breaker.But over time it actually turned into an annual Chili Cookoff! Now, every year in Bay City, MI, people bring vats of their prized chili for judging by other participants. The prize is a stainless steel ladle with a blue ribbon tied to it. It's engraved with "1st Place" and is passed from down from year to year.

Jules' thought was "People love to eat and are often overlooked as culinary geniuses." As a result, her "Best Dish Question" reaped more interesting conversations than she could ever believe!


What's your favorite conversation starter?

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