Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Adventures of the coat check bandit

Assumption: nametag=employee.

I was eating dinner tonight at a place in St. Louis called Kreis' Steakhouse. (Wearing my nametag as usual) Before sitting down I grabbed mine and my grandpa's coat and headed to the coat check closet by the entry way. Right after hanging the two coats a gentleman walked in the door. He was about 50 or so and was removing his coat to check it in the closet.

Never missing another quasi employment opportunity, I said, "Can I take your coat for you sir?"

"Sure," he said as he handed me the black leather bomber and scarf.

As I hung his coat amidst the others he asked, "Don't you have to give me one of those tickets so I can claim the coat later?"

Thinking quickly I grabbed half of one yellow stub and turned around to the man.

"Uh...yeah...here's your stub sir, number 819...and welcome to Kreis' Steakhouse."

Just then about a second later my Aunt Donna walked in the same door and yelled hello to me. Nice timing. I think she blew my cover!

The guy looked at me kind of weird. Especially since a few minutes later I walked right past him and sat down at a table right next to him!

But it made me think...let's say a customer is in need of assistance. And you're in the right place at the right time. I believe in lateral service - even if it's not your job.


Have you ever helped a customer - even if it wasn't your job?

* * * *
Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag